Unexpected job titles

I know clearly what I am and what I'm good at doing. I am a teacher, a coach, a trainer.

Moving into this house has turned me into a general contractor and most often an all systems fix-it person. I have learned how to install shelving, curtain rods, swap light fixtures, building sofa and bookshelves and paint. I can paint anything and make it look new! Then there is the familiar territory of sewing, curtains, reupholstering. The main thought as I do these things . . I can't wait to get back to my job! Below are a few updated photos. In the foreground of the first photo is a table with no top. That is my newest title, furniture solutions. The glass top shattered during the move, now what. Stay tuned, I'm researching solutions. My current project plan has now shifted from date/time focused to room and project focused. At least the list is getting shorter.

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