Public vs Private

Practice before you go public. It is a good idea.

I have become a more private person during the last few months. Think of it like stepping behind a screen to change costume, uniform, or outfit. In that period of change a bit of privacy can facilitate the transition.

There are some big changes going on in my life. I decided to put all my energy into home improvement and moving from one house into another. This has turned into a far more all-consuming project than I initially expected but the good news is that the change will be made and then I will “get back to work”. Because, painting an entire house, cleaning out 20 years of stuff in the house and yard in one house, prepping to sell, looking at over 20 new homes and setting up the logistics of moving, no that is not work.

I am here, teaching and training each week @ Centennial Fitness Center in Park Ridge.

Please contact me if you want to talk or meet for training. I hope to complete the transition by September.

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