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Happy New Year!

The new year is a fresh start. This new year for me is that moment of realization that I’m down on the ground, fallen off the proverbial horse, looking up wondering, “Do I want to get up again?” The negative side of me, mumbles, “you will probably fall back down again, why bother.” But the other side of me, that angry feisty, aggressive side. That part of me loudly states “No, hell no, you are getting back up again, and no matter how many times you end back down in the darkest depth, you will, yes you will, get the F***k back up again!

Now that I’m older and wiser, more than seventeen. I’m so cynical that I cringe at the idea of making a new year’s resolution because in my experience it almost curses or impedes the resolution itself. Goals I have set in February, or April have been far more successful. But I still believe it is a good idea to make the resolution at the beginning of the new year and remember that I will need to keep “resolving” to continue again in February, and April and all the following months until goal is completed.

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