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Doing activities to boost brain health are challenging. Yes, that is exactly the reason to do the activity, to challenge the brain. As we get older, we get better and then good at doing certain things. It is those things that we continue to do because we are good at doing it. Nothing wrong with that. BUT it is important to remember to do new things that we are not an expert at doing.

In other words, it is good to be an expert but essential to also be a novice. It is ok to not be an expert at everything you do. It is ok to be mediocre at somethings. Keep working to be an expert at the thing you love, find new ways to improve, keep getting better at that. And then work at something you are terrible at doing. Work at something you will never be good at. Not only does it exercise your humility, we all need a little be of humility in our day, but it also works to build new pathways in your brain.

Here is my example: I love to draw and paint. I am good at it. I have been working at it since I was six years old. I love to paint; it is my favorite hobby.

I also love to play drums. I am terrible at drumming. I don’t even play with others around, it is so bad, but I still love to drum. I will never get good enough to play drums with others and I am ok with that. I just enjoy working at moving my arms independently and working to be synchronized. I feel tired after just a few minutes of drumming because it is so challenging.

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