A Cinematography ride in an ocean bubble.

Nature and marine life show are my favorite reality shows.

If you are also a fan, then the movie My Octopus Teacher is a must view. This documentary is set in a Kelp Forest off the coast of South Africa, but it is mainly a story of the human interconnection in our world. A photographer develops a connection with an octopus, yep, this not sci-fi. It is a wonderful visual expression.

Octopi, are most often small, overlooked loners with incredible intelligence and physical capabilities. This film does a wonderful job of visually expressing many of this octopus qualities and capabilities.

They live short lives but are an integral part of the ocean ecosystem. They are so different physically from humans and yet there are similarities. We are all connected in this world. Hopefully, this film will inspire you to learn more about Octopi and cuddle fish. Please let me know what you think.

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