Yoga Fish

I have three orange and white fish in a round tank. They are hearty specimens, having survived relocation from one home to another six months ago. A process which took three days where they were in a smaller temporary tank and then transferred back to the round tank but in a new location within our new home. This process reminded me of moving as a child, just going with the flow of the chaos working to survive. The process of rebuilding comforts in a new home.

Every morning I turn on the light, give them food and sit in the room with them to have breakfast and watch the news.

A few times a week I turn on music to do Yoga class right in front of their tank. I get the feeling that they feel I am doing this for their entertainment, because they always hover near me to observe me.

I have often been accused of giving animals human characteristics. Are they really watching me, or do they happen to be swimming in that part of the tank for an extended time?

You decide, here is the photo.

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