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Look Shiny!

Distraction is also critical sometimes. I’m working to right myself from yet another gut punch and it feels as though I’m on a stage in a packed theater with the spotlight right on me and everyone is watching to see if I can stand back up. While I consider which direction is better; pull myself up from “downward facing dog” or push up from deep squat, check in tomorrow for something completely different.

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Get in a Spin & Strength work-out before Thanksgiving on Wednesday @ 5:00pm Skokie Park District See you there!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Strength & Yoga on Monday at the Skokie Park District! Check out the TRX circuit on Tuesday @ 8:00am & Wednesday @ 6:00pm, more space was just added! https://

You KNOW you need to work-out before all that eating, just get up & do it! Row-tation is Cardio endurance and strength training utilizing WaterRowers, TRX and a variety of resistance training exercise

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