Every Week is Unique

On Friday I had to put my 14 year old dog Napoleon down. It was a bizarre situation because we were not allowed to be inside the veterinary hospital due to Covid-19. In the final moment, my husband was able to go inside to say good-bye, with gloves and mask. I knew that Napoleon was at the end for a while. He was having accidents whenever he was alone for more than 3 hours, even at night, but since my husband I have been at home for the last month we had been letting him out almost hourly, which we think he loved. Now that Napoleon is gone the humans just walk around like zombies still getting up forgetting there is no dog to let out.

Having a dog is a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience the process of caring and being responsible for another living being. I have had several dogs in my life so far and they have all been unique. The unconditional love that each of my dogs have giving me have enriched my life immeasurably

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