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Do you love words?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I love words. A favorite activity is to look up a word that is familiar for example, Repeat. It is my own version of fact checking. Does this word mean what I think? Have I been using the word correctly? This morning the definition of Repeat that I found on the internet, caused a giggle.


to say or utter again (something already said):to repeat a word for emphasis.

to say or utter in reproducing the words, inflections, etc., of another: to repeat a sentence after the teacher.


verb (used without object)

to do or say something again.

to cause a slight regurgitation: The onions I ate are repeating on me.

Seeing the last part, “slight regurgitation” sent me down the “word rabbit hole”. I HAD to look up burp in English & Spanish, because my family always used the same expression (me repito).

The word burp in Spanish is "eructo", but I don’t remember that word. Yeah, learned a new word today!

Then added it to my writing log. Things I must add to a story, “the onions (other food) I ate are repeating on me”. I will now proceed to spend days researching the best food to fit the example. It’s gotta be real!

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