COVID made me do it!

Being confined to my home has been an interesting challenge. It has forced me to do things I’m good at avoiding. Cleaning. I have decided not to logically and systematically organize one room at a time. Crazy times call for crazy actions. I’m organizing all the rooms at once. This way there will be a wholistic overall organization to the entire house. Yep, that’s is my decision, I’m sticking with it. I’ll let you know if this works.

Please look at the Thanksgiving photo and the same table covered in memories.

My dining room has become the photo memorabilia center of my home. I love creating photo albums of my family adventures. For a few years, 1996-1999, I was organized, for the most part. Documenting the adventures of Tom, Kathy and our 2 growing babies, Kristen & Justin. I created wonderful baby albums. I was so proud of the album I made of our first trips to Europe in a cool black album. The family trips to Wisconsin, weddings and holidays together lovingly documented in several large books.

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