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Book report: The Tyranny of Merit

The Tyranny of Merit: What’s become of the common good? A book by Michael J. Sandel

I found this an interesting and challenging read. I was learning! I have been deeply seeped in the idea that the more education you earn the stronger you are as a person. But I completely disagree with the view that a college degree from a particular university makes you a better person. The process of learning is something I believe all humans should do continuously, like breathing. It’s required for life.

A quote from MJ Sandel’s YouTube post:

“We should renew the dignity of work and place it at the center of our politics. Work is not only about making a living it is also about contributing to the common good.”

There are many skills such as HVAC building and repair which are not taught at most universities even though acquisition of these skills is quite challenging. As humans we must all respect each other in all the work that is done. Resist the urge to place people in hierarchy of categories. All work deserves respect.

Let’s work to embrace the process of learning and always keep learning. We can work at learning how to listen and hear each other’s views.

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