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Black Widow Gut Punched

Over the weekend I saw the Black Widow movie. There were many stunt scenes where the fighters “took a punch” as they say. This means a person is punched but it doesn’t take them down, they keep going. I have never been able to watch fight scenes. The two female lead actors; Scarlett J. & Natasha R. did a great job of making the punches look believable. I’m terrible at “taking punches”. When life kicks me in the gut, I crumple like an Imperial Soldier in Star Wars. They never got up again during fight scenes, one punch and they are down. But life is not a movie, or perhaps life is not a special effects movie. Life is one of those embarrassing and sappy movies where the lead is an idiot who makes constant mistakes. I prefer sci-fi movies. It’s time to strike a pose, flick my hair and get up from that gut punch.

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