The month of May was a tough one for me. I was sick most of the month. Last week I finally got tested for Covid-19 and tested negative. Unfortunately, getting tested did not make my allergies and sinus issue disappear. It really slowed me down. In addition to my own health annoyances I received news of deaths of loved ones from Covid-19. Once upon a time going to a person’s funeral was a way to show respect for the person who died and give support to the people who suffer from the gap left. Now closure is on your own.

Let's learn the lesson that we must keep out heart and lungs strong in order to fight this and all other infections that may develop in the future. Go out for a walk or a run today, just 10-20 minutes if you can’t handle more. Think about breathing in fresh air and exhaling. That process: inhale & exhale is exercise for your heart and lungs. Your body needs that exercise everyday to keep strong. Breathe new air and keep moving to stay strong for your future.

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