Five Seasons

Fitness Classes

Strength & Ballet Barre Burn

Sundays @ 9:30am, Tuesdays & Fridays @ 8:30am

A ballet inspired workout using hand weights, bands and stability balls to challenge all major muscle groups and improve balance.

Aqua Class

Sundays @ 8:30am & Fridays @ 9:40am

A music centered class combining cardiovascular and strength training using either the water or equipment as resistance. Classes are performed in waist to chest deep water (when outdoor pool is open, deep water) exercise is also utilized).

Cycle & Strength

Fridays @ 6:00am

Spin & Strength - Add intensity and upper body training to your SPIN work-out! Spin class using resistant bands at optional intervals will add intensity and variety to the cardio intensity of spin class. Try it you will love it!


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